AuthMe Reloaded Bukkit Plugins 1.12/1.11/1.7.2

The developer of this AuthMe Reloaded Bukkit Plugins 1.12/1.11/1.7.2 created it to add on many great features for the users.

AuthMe Reloaded Bukkit Plugins
AuthMe Reloaded Bukkit Plugins

Prevent username stealing

This will avoid the users who have no plan to log in from some typical actions such as moving, placing the blocks, typing the commands and seeing the user’s Inventory.


It is totally possible to set up the security system of the name proves for the kicks players which are uncommon long or the short user names before the time that they can participate in.


It will make all the things possible. Therefore, you are not required to login in the period of given time.


On each command, all the settings can be either enabled or disabled by using the straightforward factor of the structured config file.


If English is not your language and the users hate the default language, don’t worry. You just need to edit all the message you want by using some plugin.

Main features of the AuthMe Reloaded Bukkit Plugins

  • It converts the SQLite to a helpful authme.sql so that you can import the MySQL database when you download this AuthMe Reloaded Bukkit Plugins.
  • Default Language Style: en,de,br,cz,pl,fr,ru,hu,sk,es,fi,shcn,shtw,nl and so on. If you find it too difficult to understand, please feel free to send us the new translations of that.
  • It can backup all the system automatically by using the users’ password data.
  • It is possible to use it without the Permission Plugin.
  • You have to save and quit location to avoid the loss of position.
  • On the Cache of file for all permission in Join with transient vault system.
  • It has a different permission group for Registered and unregisters users.
  • There is the Permissions group switching on the unlogged-in users.
  • The account restriction through IP with the name in this AuthMe Reloaded Bukkit Plugins.
  • The database queries database will be cached.
  • It is compatible with the Combat Tag plugins and NPC.
  • MySQL and SQLITE support.
  • It supports the hash algorithm which is available in the Hash Algorithms
  • It supports tons of CMS in website integration.
  • You will see it customs MySQL columns or tables and it is usable for forums and other scripts.


We have to warn you that at the time you update from the Authme 3.4 or from the 5.2+, you need to change all the permission nodes as well.

Dev Builds

Because the BukkitDev Staff does not accept this, as well as the development build for this project, maybe acquired in the integration server of providing continuously, all the users have to use it with many risks.

In short

Though this AuthMe Reloaded Bukkit Plugins 1.12/1.11/1.7.2 still has some risks, there is nothing in the world perfect and it is still worthy to download it now to your computer. Don’t hesitate but just click to the Download button. Once you find it convenient, just share with your friends and colleagues about this plugin and enjoy it.


AuthMe Reloaded Bukkit Plugins Download Links

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5/5 - (1 vote)