AutoSaveWorld Bukkit Plugins 1.12/1.8.1/1.2.5

AutoSaveWorld Bukkit Plugins 1.12/1.8.1/1.2.5 is created as a multifunctional plugin for Bukkit coming along with the addition of a lot of new functions. If you want to get further information about how great it brings in-game, don’t hesitate anymore to follow the article below.

AutoSaveWorld Bukkit Plugins
AutoSaveWorld Bukkit Plugins

This multifunctional plugin aims essentially to add multiple functions to the game so that the gaming experience of the players is able to be improved significantly. These functions consist of saving, purging, backup, restarting the Minecraft server, as well as reloading plugins and a lot more. That sounds interesting! It is worth noting that this plugin is possible to function on any bukkit/spigot/mcpc+/cauldron build beginning from the version 1.2.5-R5.0


The multifunctional plugin brings all of you these following outstanding features below:

  • The possibility of saving a world and players data (the same as save-all in the console)
  • The possibility of world backups ( Use the command: {server folder}/backups/)
  • The possibility of purging several plugins data
  • The possibility of restarting automatically at a defined time
  • The possibility of restarting at server crash
  • Perform automatically console commands defined in the configuration
  • Consist of warning messages
  • Multi-World Support
  • Messages configuration
  • Offer option for de-activate broadcast message

Note: By default, all those features mentioned above are disabled except autosave

In conclusion, AutoSaveWorld Bukkit Plugins 1.12/1.8.1/1.2.5 brings all of you a lot of useful features so that you can have better experience in-game. Quickly download the plugin for free here!


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Bukkit Plugins: 1.12
Bukkit Plugins: 1.8.1
Bukkit Plugins: 1.2.5
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5/5 - (1 vote)