Citizens Bukkit Plugins 1.13/1.12/1.11

This Citizens Bukkit Plugins 1.13/1.12/1.11 is created by the original Bukkit NPC Plugin which can add it from the straightforward NPCs which can talk lively to active the Traders, Sentries, Denizens and more.

Citizens Bukkit Plugins
Citizens Bukkit Plugins

This Citizens has contained many varieties of the toggleable characters as well as some unlimited possibilities for the expansions that have the new easy to use the API.

By using some advanced features of this plugin such as AI, useful dev team, scripting so that the Citizens will not stop to expand some server to make it become better.

By creating these projects, the developers sent the message that it will be acquired at the integration server of the provided continuously. Just use the BukkitDev staff at the users’ own risk because it is not approved with those builds.

Main features of the Citizens Bukkit Plugins

  • It is compatible with the Essentials Eco, IConomy 4,5,6, BosEconomy, MutiCurrency and so much more about the Vault plugin.
  • In the basic NPCs, the users should click the right-mouse to the message, waypoints, looking around, items and much more than that in this Citizens Bukkit Plugins.

Issue Tracker

Every time you wish to report some bug or request the failure, please remember to put an issue in this. Besides, don’t be afraid of following some guidelines before the time the users file the ticket.

Please always make sure that you are actually experiencing the not ready posted in one of the sections standing on the page that you can download on, and its name is ‘Known Caveats’.

There is one thing you should remember is that this kind of issue is not listed in the section of Issue Tracker.

This Citizens Bukkit Plugins offers to do much information that is useful for the users such as Craft Bukkit Version, Minecraft version, Citizens version and other plugins of this version if it is applicable.

Upgrading to 2.0

This is a big change so that it still has the risk of breaking. Not all the of features are from the 1.2 re-implemented. However, by using the rewrite, new features and new API, we all wish to provide sustainable base for the developers and server owners who need this.


  • The plugin utilities bStats plugin metrics systems. It leads to the below information which is chosen and sent to the They are:
  • The Metrics version.
  • The big number of users who play online.
  • There is the core count of the CPU.
  • The OS version or the name of architecture.
  • The server’s version.
  • The plugin’s version.
  • The unique identifier.
  • The version of the server in Java.
  • No matter the server is online or offline.

In short

By downloading this Citizens Bukkit Plugins 1.13/1.12/1.11, you are opting out of that service in which it will be done right the moment it edits the config.yml. The editing plugins and the Plugin Metrics by changing the opt-out to true. Thanks to that reason, you should not skip this amazing plugin.


Citizens Bukkit Plugins Download Links

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5/5 - (1 vote)