CocoLib Mod 1.15.2

The brand new CocoLib Mod 1.15.2 is created as a supporting mod for the others. It does add on any content but just to fix some problems of the mods.


If you see the logo or the name of it, you may think this mod has something to do with the coconut, the fruits, a hot cup of cacao or coffee. But actually it is just the name and the logo, not related to that food and beverage. This mod does not provide the new contents for your game.

This is a very straightforward, clear and helpful solution to solve all the complicated of some common matters that the players have to face while playing games. Therefore, this CocoLib Mod is suitable for anyone has some advanced skills of the Minecraft game or is an expert about this major.

Designing a mod for the game is a very hard and challenging task which requires the users to have a piece of good knowledge about Java and Forge. Besides, it focuses on searching for and solve some complicated errors, so it needs to spend an amount of time to work, to search for the errors, solve it and copy the codes. Do you understand that point? It means that you have to be very patient like a saying ‘Haste makes waste’.

Main features of the Cocolib mod

It created the package of many customs annotations.
It has the common purpose of the utility classes and methods.
It gives you some valuable methods to convert the real-time in your Minecraft game and vice versa.
It gives you a method to maintain the track for daytime in the game and gets through some segments of definition.
It gives you a way to help with positioning, drawing sprites and aligning on the computer’s screen.
It gives you a method to save and update some render data of sprite in the items instances.
This mod has just launched on May 18th,2020 so maybe many people don’t know much about it. It leads to the information on the Internet is just a little, so if you find this is something you and your friends or the community are looking for, let’s share with them.

In short

Some other mods of Minecraft game require the players to download the Forge first, but this CocoLib Mod 1.15.2 will require either Minecraft Forge or Java, so remember to take note this. However, we recommend that the first one is alright because it is compatible with the majority of mods in the game

CocoLib Mod Download Links

For Minecraft: 1.15.2