DeadChest Bukkit Plugins 1.16/1.15/1.14

Dead Chest Bukkit Plugins 1.16/1.15/1.14 has been updated on June 20th, 2020.

DeadChest Bukkit Plugins
DeadChest Bukkit Plugins


Hold a player’s inventory in a chest (deadchest) as soon as he dies. This deadchest is put at the place where the player dies with a holographic text with the possessor and a timer of keeping time before the chest vanishes. Once the timer finish, the chest is broken with all the content in it.

You could adjust the duration of deadchests, you could also create a chest with no timer. Chest can be personal (only possessor of the deadchest can use it or an admin) or public (anyone can use it and obtain the content).


  • The entire inventories is saved
  • Chest comes from the place where the player dies
  • Holographic show of the player and the rest time.
  • Infinite players and endless chests
  • Permissions
  • Can be toggled off for some world
  • Anti-grief (break/explosion)
  • Compatible with Citizen 2
  • Operates on version 1.13.2/1.14.x/1.15
  • List of commands
  • Admin commands
  • Player commands
  • Optional
  • Select how long the chest exist
  • Select who can use the chest
  • Select if the chest is able to destroy or not
  • Select the number of chest each player
  • Select if you desire to clear the deadchest on startup
  • Select the language for the plugin
  • Select if you desire to create the fresh deadchest


  • /dc reload – reload the plugin (deadchest admin)
  • /dc remove – eliminate the entire deadchests of the recent player (deadchest.admin &deadchest.remove.own)
  • /dc remove (PlayerName) – eliminate the entire deadchests of a player (deadchest.admin & deadchest.remove.other)
  • /dc removeinfinate – eliminate the entire infinity chest (deadchest.admin)
  • /dc removeall – delete the entire deadchests (deadchest.admin)
  • /dc list – list the entire deadchest of the recent player (deadchest.list.own)
  • /dc list all – list the entire deadchest (deadchest.list.other)
  • /dc list (PlayerName) – list the entire deadchest of a player (deadchest.list.other)
  • /dc giveback (PlayerName) – roll back the earliest deadchest inventory of a player to him (deadchest.giveBack)


  • deadchest.generate: Permit the player to create deadchest on death
  • deadchest.chestPass: Permit the player to open the entire deadchests
  • deadchest.infinityChest: On death, player’s deadchest never vanish
  • deadchest.admin: Permit the player to apply the admin commands
  • deadchest.remove.own: Permit the player to eliminate his own deadchests
  • deadchest.remove.other: Permit the player to eliminate deadchests
  • deadchest.list.own: Permit the player to list his own deadchests
  • deadchest.list.other: Permit the player to list deadchests
  • deadchest.giveBack: Permit the player to roll back a deadchest inventory

Installation and Update


Just pull and cast DeadChest.jar to your plugins file and run your server. In the plugin/deadchest folder you will realize 3 files

  • config.yml: File to adjust the configuration of the plugin (you should run it and place the params you desire)
  • locale.yml: language file, English by default, you could adjust this file to the language as you wish
  • chestData.yml: do not open or adjust the file, it’s there that the entire data in terms of the plugin is contained.


Before trying updating, you have to do these steps:

  • Make sure that no deadchest are staying in your world
  • Turn off your server and eliminate the folder DeathChest
  • Place a new jar file
  • Reload the server
  • Update your params by adjusting config.yml and locale.yml.


These are all aspects in terms of Dead Chest Bukkit Plugins 1.16/1.15/1.14 that we could show you. Remember that it is compatible with Citizen 2.


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