FarmProtect Bukkit Plugins 1.13/1.12/1.11

FarmProctect Bukkit Plugin 1.13/1.12/1.11 is a suitable choice for people who feel boring about standing on your farm plots, farmland, and breaking your wheat, potatoes, and carrots or perhaps annoying about spending a long time to install.

FarmProtect Bukkit Plugins
FarmProtect Bukkit Plugins


FarmProctect is a simple light plugin which assures that no one makes farmland roll back to the regular states by jumping on it or jogging over it. However, it does not defend the block itself thus if you broke the block with your hands, it will vanish.

Alongside being simple, it is a pack with strongly configurable progressive features for people who love tweaking around with the configuration.


Multi-world Support

You could select which worlds you wish to defense and which you will not. By default, this feature is toggled off. You could toggle it on by adjusting the config or applying the command /fp toggle multiworld. You could insert or eliminate worlds from this list at any time applying /fp add, /fp remove.

Explosion Protection Support

Now, you could defense your farmland from any kind of explosion. By default, it is on by possessing this worth in the config. Recent Support the crops such as wheat, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, carrots, potatoes.


  • /farmprotect reload – reload the config
  • /farmprotect toggle – open the menu
  • /farmprotect toggle multiworld  – open multiworld support
  • /farmprotect toggle explosionprotect – open ExplosionProtect Support
  • /farmprotect add – inserts a world to multiworld protect
  • /farmprotect remove – eliminate a world from multiworld protect


These are the aspects in terms of FarmProctect Bukkit Plugin 1.13/1.12/1.11 that we could show you. These features will improve your experience while playing Minecraft.


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