iDisguise‌‌ Bukkit Plugins 1.13/1.12/1.11

iDisguise‌‌ Bukkit Plugins 1.13/1.12/1.11 is designed to be a new plugin for Bukkit in which you are allowed to disguise in-game. Now you are able to follow the article below if you are excited about this plugin and want more exploration about how it works.

iDisguise‌‌ Bukkit Plugins
iDisguise‌‌ Bukkit Plugins

Have you ever wanted to disguise as another shape in-game? A mob you like? Or you think the ability to camouflage is the ability unique to insects in real life? With this plugin, you will be able to do the same.

As mentioned above, the main function of this plugin is to allow the player to disguise as every mob or another player in-game. In addition, this plugin also lets the players disguise as several non-living mobs such as falling blocks. That sounds incredible!

Basic Usage

  • In order to disguise as a mob, you just need to type /d and then append the mob type such as zombie
  • In order to disguise as a player, you just need to type /d player and then append a name of this player name
  • Notice one thing: you are only able to see other players’ disguise, not your own. Do not expect to see your own disguise.

Now you can download iDisguise‌‌ Bukkit Plugins 1.13/1.12/1.11 for free here and start to disguise yourself as any mob or another player as you want.


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