LaggRemover Bukkit Plugins 1.14/1.12/1.8.1

LaggRemover Bukkit Plugins 1.14/1.12/1.8.1 supplies the features as its name. It offers considerable enhancement in the efficiency. You could reduce your Ram usage more or less half just by downloading it. LaggRemover is different from mostly plugins that less lag on your server in the fact that it operates with chunks, not creatures.

LaggRemover Bukkit Plugins
LaggRemover Bukkit Plugins

You could apply this for a mini-game server to great survival servers. You could simply launch a 24-person server on less than 500Mb of RAM. The impacts are definitely awesome. Install and figure out how much quicker your server can be.


  • Multi-version support – entirely supports versions: 1.8.X, 1.9X, 1.10.X, 1.11.X, 1.12.X, 1.13.X, and 1.14.X alongside partially support former and future versions.
  • RAM Usage Reduction – LaggRemover reduces the count of RAM your server utilizes by inspecting and controlling the count of chunks inserted into the inventory. The more chunks inserted, the more lag your server will happen. LaggRemover deletes this issue by holding the pure minimum of chunks asked inserted.
  • Advanced Server Tick Tracking Technology – Obtain the most precise Ticks Every Second (TPS) reading of your server with the newest and most effective measures possible.
  • Impression Factor – Initial impression is anything with a server. If your server is lagging once someone takes part in it for the first time, they are not going to desire to continue playing on it. Do not mislay potential members to ever again.
  • Accurate Readings – Inspect to view if your server host is actually bringing you the count of RAM they say they are. You could list the count of the RAM you are recently applying, the max that you could apply, and the count you recently have appointed.
  • LaggRemover AI – this feature discovers and eliminates lag before it happens the problems. There is nothing like this in any other plugins.
  • Automatic Lag Removal – Do you desire an extra save or could just make it similar to something is occurring? You could get a lag protocol automatically be run after an exact period.
  • Lag Machine Prevention – With LaggRemover mob delicate, you could stop players from creating a productive lag machine. Lag machines are intended to danger your server horrifically by bearing loads of creatures in a similar place. Mob thinning can stop such machines by turning off the possibility for more than an exact count of mobs to bear in a sole chunk.
  • Automatic Updates – As soon as you install LaggRemover, you never have to do this again. Every time an additional version is launched, the plugin is installed.


  • /lr help – lists the entire commands in LaggRemover
  • /lr tps – shows the servers TPS
  • /lr ram – generally RAM info commands
  • /lr chunk – lists the count of chunks loaded in that world.
  • /lr master – Shows plenty of information in terms of the world and server you are in
  • /lr clear – clean items or creatures on the ground
  • /lr count – Counts items or creatures on the ground
  • /lr unload – Unload the entire chunks in a world that you appoint
  • /lr gc – one of the finest commands in LaggRemover. This command unloads unwanted items from RAM to improve server efficiency. Tests prove that it was possible to reduce the count of RAM being utilized by an average half when used at startup.
  • /lr protocol – Launches/lists/etc. the diverse protocols LaggRemover has “under the hood” alongside what are inserted by third-party modules.
  • /lr modules – lists the entire loaded modules
  • /lr info – shows info in terms of the LaggRemover plugin.
  • /lr ping – allows you to inspect the ping in terms of a single-player instead of an average of the pings of each player on the server.


  • – allows to access the help command
  • lr.master – allows to access the master listing of the entire performance data from the server
  • lr.lagg – allow to access to see the ticks every second of the server
  • – see in terms of an exact world
  • lr.clear – let you clean the entire items on the ground
  • lr.unload – let you unload the entire chunks in the world
  • lr.gc – lets you reduce the count of Ram your server used by unloading unwanted items
  • lr.nochatdelay – lets you resist to chat delay
  • lr.modules – lets you view the list of loaded modules
  • lr.upate – let LaggRemover inform you once an update is installed
  • lr.ram – let you list the RAM accessible on the server
  • lr.protocol – let you see the protocols
  • – let you see the ping of different player


These are all aspects in terms of LaggRemover Bukkit Plugin 1.14/1.12/1.8.1 that we could show you. This will be useful for all players, thus you should download it right now.


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