Minepacks Bukkit Plugins 1.16/1.15/1.14

By downloading this Minepacks Bukkit Plugins 1.16/1.15/1.14 to your computer, you can plugin in various sizes of the backpack, MySQL storage support and Multilanguage. In general, it seems simple but it won many users’ hearts thanks to its significant features.

Minepacks Bukkit Plugins
Minepacks Bukkit Plugins

Main features of the Minepacks Bukkit Plugins

  • API for developers.
  • Auto-Updater.
  • It supports the users to change the name or the UUIDs.
  • It preserves the data to the NBT items. All the things in this can be saved in the chest by the users.
  • It supports the Multilanguage in the package.
  • There is also the multiple back-ends storage such as MySQL, SQLite and Files.
  • Configuration.
  • The permissions control the backpack size.
  • Some auto-collect items are all on the full Inventory which the users can enable it in the config.


  • Java 8
  • Optional: PCGF Plugin Lib which has many advantages.
  • Paper for Minecraft version from 1.7, Bukkit or Spigot thanks to the Minepacks Bukkit Plugins.


  • /backpack help: You can be able to list out all the plugin’s commands.
  • /backpack: You just try opening the backpack.
  • /backpack clean: It allowed you to eliminate all the items from the backpack of the players.
  • /backpack clean : With the command, it allows you to eliminate all the items of the others.
  • /backpack : Some backpack is shown for other players.


  • Backpack: The admins access to the full functions of the Minipack.
  • Backpack.use: It allows you to easily open the backpack.
  • Backpack.fullpickup: This accepts you to conveniently pick up some items in case the Inventory is full. Don’t worry because the functions will need to enable in the config.
  • Backpack.size.1: This is the backpack mini size, so if you have got the permission of backpack, you will definitely have the backpack of size 1.
  • Backpack.size.2: backpack of 2*9.
  • Backpack.size.3: backpack of 3*9.
  • Backpack.size.4: backpack of 4*9.
  • Backpack.size.5: backpack of 5*9.
  • Backpack.size.6: backpack of 6*9.
  • Backpack.clean: You can now clean your own backpack thanks to the Minepacks Bukkit Plugins.
  • Backpack.clean.other: You can now clean other players’ backpack.
  • Backpack.others: You can now open other players’ backpack.
  • Backpack.others.edit: You can now edit other players’ backpack.
  • Backpack.keepOnDeath: You can now keep the items in your own backpack on the death.
  • Backpack.noCooldown:  You can now bypass the cooldown in order to open your own backpack.

In short

Just download this Minepacks Bukkit Plugins 1.16/1.15/1.14 now and we are sure that you will be interested in exploring its amazing features by yourself.


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4.3/5 - (3 votes)