Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13

One more plugin we are going to introduce to you is the Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13. It is also created base on the support of the Bukkit multi-world.

Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins
Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins

This plugin has grown to give the solution for the management of the world which includes some special treatment of the users’ world as well as the Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13. This plugin also offers some solutions to the management of the world for your own Minecraft server, no matter it is big or small, wide or narrow.

Let’s continue this article to find out some highlight features of this plugin.

Main features of the Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins

  • It helps with creating the seeds of Custom Generators, some different types of different worlds.
  • It keeps some Skylands by using the customized generator.
  • There are 3 modes that you can set to each world: adventure, survival and creative.
  • It supports the economy.
  • It avoids some users from setting the particular worlds through permission.
  • It helps with creating some Multiverse Portals so that the users can go between the portals, locations or worlds which required you to install the MV Portal first.
  • Now you just leave the names of folder alone and use the alias instead so that the world aliases will be customized your Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins.
  • It allows the user to colours your own worlds once it appears in the chatting part.
  • It will show display the user that is in world accordance the /mv who.
  • The special one is that it will ban the animals or evils to spawn.
  • The Nether Portals are the world scaling.
  • The memory will be conserved by getting some worlds that do not let the spawn chunk load.
  • It can be able to eliminate some unwanted animals and evils from your peaceful world.
  • Don’t be surprised if the can teleport anything from your worlds together will the commands. Besides, it also allows some people to teleport themselves or some other people as long as the permissions are customized.
  • There is no limitation of the Multiverse Destination at the time you are using or teleport the portals.

Optional plugins to add on to Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins

Main features of the Multiverse-NetherPortal

  • You can have the end worlds and the nether while each of it is the overworlds.
  • You can be able to have some customized nether and end some portal in each particular world.
  • There are many kinds of worlds and Skylands in supporting the world scaling which is customized while using the Nether Portals of the Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins.

Main features of the Multiverse-Portal

  • It allows the boats and the minecarts thanks to this plugin.
  • It avoids users from specific portals and gives permissions.
  • It charges the users to see some particular specific.
  • It exempts some users for the fees of portals.
  • The launcher users will get through the fresh air sine the users access this Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins.

Main features of the Multiverse-Inventories

  • You can select one in these groups of worlds such as Last Location, Inventories, Hunger, Bed Spawners, Exp and Health.
  • Don’t be amazed if you see some separated players’ inventories and stats in each group of this world.

In short

Thanks to this Multiverse-Core Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13, your jobs will be much effortless and simple, so don’t ponder any longer but download it now to your computer. This plugin has some similarities with the Multiverse-Portals Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13, so if you have known it already, you will understand this one in a short time.


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