Multiworld Bukkit Plugins 1.12/1.8.1/1.7.9

Multiworld Bukkit Plugins 1.12/1.8.1/1.7.9 is a simple plugin but useful for customizing end and nether world for every word, you are able to configure as what you wish and get it.

Multiworld Bukkit Plugins
Multiworld Bukkit Plugins


  • Optional world generators likely a world with deserts
  • Accept you to vary the game mode of a player once you get in a world
  • Support relevant coordinates with /mw and /mw goto such as the /teleport from vanilla Minecraft
  • Block chat coming from different worlds to generate worlds where the players possess their own personal chat

Commands and Permissions

(Commands – Description – Permission)


  • /mw create [generator][seed] – insert the new world to the Multiworld Database. This command can be used for inserting recent worlds – multiworld.command.create

Note: do not give to players you don’t push since they could generate infinity worlds

  • /mw load – load a world that has been appointed in the Multiworld database – multiworld.command.load
  • /mw unload – unload a world that has been appointed in the Multiworld database, different plugins cannot view this world anymore – multiworld.comman.unload
  • /mw delete – eliminate a world from the Multiworld database – multiworld.command.delete

Note: This action is negative to the settings multiworld has appointed to the world

  • /mw list – list the worlds multiworld has created in your server – multiworld.command.list
  • /mw info – display information from the world –
  • /mw listgens – List the assist world generator to utilize /create –multiworld.command.listgens


  • /mw listflags – List the probable flags to utilize with the below commands – multiworld.command.flags
  • /mw setflag – put a flag/choice on a world – multiworld.command.setflag
  • /mw getflag – obtain a flag from a world, tip utilize * to obtain all the world flags – multiworld.command.getflag


  • /mw link – connect all nether portals from –

Note: To utilize this you need to toggle on the Nether portal handler

  • /mw link-end – connect all end portals from to –


  • /mw goto – teleport yourself to a world, this command can be applied  as /goto – multiworld.command.goto
  • /mw move – displace another player to another world – multiworld.command.move


  • /mw spawn – teleport yourself to bear, to displace different people use /mw movemultiworld.command.spawn
  • /mw setspawn – put the spawn of a world, you could utilize this to adjust the beginning spawn point – multiworld.command.setspawn

Core and Utility

  • /mw save – save the plugin data –
  • /mw reload – reload the plugin data – multiworld.command.reload
  • /mw debug – display some fixing information, this information is extremely useful once you generate a bug report – multiworld.command.debug
  • /mw help – display help in terms of the command utilized in Multiworld, handy thus you do not have to enter this page –
  • /mw easteregg – not an actual command, yet there is an Easter egg hidden in Multiworld


  • Permissions utilized to accept multiworld to vary the game mode of the effect player once getting in a creative world. It is strongly suggested to give anyone this permission – multiworld.creativemode
  • Accept to access to the basic Multiworld controller, this permission will not accept user to adjust settings of recent world, it only accepts them to see the settings/teleport to the worlds – multiworld.basic
  • All permission from the multiworld, you could utilize the star permission to give them all permissions – multiworld.admin

Optional Features

  • End Portal Handler – the end handlers accept you to appoint the custom end portals every world – options.useEndPortalHandler
  • Nether Portal Handler – this add-on gets it able to redirect nether portals to custom nether worlds, this settings is each-world – options.usePortalHandler
  • World Chat Separator – this accepts you to utilize the ReceiveChat and the SendChat flags on a world – options.useWorldChatSeperator
  • Gamemode Changer – this accepts you to utilize the flag CreativeWorld to toggle the creative mode for a world, to utilize this you need to hand your users the next permissions on all worlds: multiworld.creativemode. This module also offers with another configuration settings, since you toggle off usercreativemodeinv, it only manages the game mode part, it will not vary the inventory contents, this can be utilized if you get a custom plugin for every world inventories – options.usecreaticemode
  • Ender Block – Stop the usage of ender chests in a creative mode, this can be utilized to stop people from cheating things by saving it internally an ender chest in a creative world, and then eliminating it in a survival world – options.blockEnderChestInCrea
  • World Spawn Handler – This accepts you to get custom respawn every world group, this can be installed by toggling this part on to create the configuration – options.useWorldSpawnHandler
  • CraftBukkitHooks – Accept multiworld to hook into craftbukkit to show information that Bukkit API will not supply. This feature will make efforts to toggle itself off upon there are any bugs – options.craftbukkitHooks


Multiworld is utilizing a statistic following code thus the usage statistics will be loaded. These are all aspects of Multiworld Bukkit Plugins that we could show you. Apply the precise commands to get what actions you wish.


Multiworld Bukkit Plugins Download Links

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