MythicMobs Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13

MythicMobs Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13 accepts some server administrators to entirely adjust all attributes of the monster on your server, and even generate your own mobs, bosses and plenty of different amazing mob-related elements

MythicMobs Bukkit Plugins
MythicMobs Bukkit Plugins

It hands you the entire control over how mobs treat, from simple improving their HP and damage to supplying mobs a great arsenal of fresh possibility with a strong and uncomplicated scripting system. Then, your optional mobs can alter vanilla mobs, be born incidentally using various kinds of spawn controls, or you can install optional mob spawners that enable under exact conditions or by commands.

You could make that underlying boss you have always wished of crushing your player with. It is extremely necessary for each RPG server

Key Features

  • Mob Attributes: Adjusting all mob attributes such as damage, speed, health, and combat range, alongside mob-specific attributes and custom ones, remove to MythicMobs
  • Custom Skills: Handing mobs custom skill utilizing a powerful scripting system with billions of probable skill mixtures and choices and utilizing targeters, trigger, and condition, etc.
  • Special Effects: Accepting mobs to make use of special effects such as sounds, particles, and progressive special effects beyond your imagination in terms of Minecraft.
  • Items and Drops: Adjusting loot and equipment by any probable way with your powerful item building system, such as utilizing a high-optional drop table for mob drops.
  • Damage Modifiers: Making use of damage modifier to vary how the damage has an impact on mobs thus they can resist to drown, to be damaged by a half from arrows, or be cured by fire, etc.
  • Mob Spawner: Unlocking the actual potential of Spawner utilizing custom spawner which supplies unlimited options, attributes, cooldowns, conditions, etc.
  • Natural Spawning: Putting your optional mobs and bosses up to spawn naturally in disparate areas of the world, depended on any count of conditions you could appoint. Alter natural spawns entirely, or inserts new ones.
  • Mobs Levels: Accepting mobs to scale in level and improve in power depended on places and ways the spawned, possessing scaled health, damage, and more possibilities as the level they are.
  • Threat Tables: Accepting mobs to make use of RPG-style Threat Tables, allow improving power and control over their objective treatment. The player could not fool your mobs anymore.
  • Customize AI: Adjusting your mob’s AI, consisting of inserting fresh AI goals seen only in MythicMobs. Allow zombies to open the doors, supply peaceful skeleton guards that combat skeletons from different mob factions, and more.
  • Mob Factions: Accepting mobs to become a part of factions. Operates with the mentioned AI Controls in the past thus you could possess mobs that will combat different factions of mobs, support players, and more.
  • Disguises: Submit integration with LibsDisguises accepts any mob to seem as literally anything in Minecraft, utilizing the strongest disguise plugin available.
  • Plugin Compatibility: Integration with a great diversity of common plugins

And much more.


General Commands

  • /mm (alias: / mythicmobs) – underlying command for the plugin. Show all different command
  • /mm debug [level] (alias: / mm d [level]) – put the plugin’s debug*level. (0=OFF)
  • /mm debugmode [true/false] – activate debug mode, which turns off incidental spawners, mob spawners, and different incidental stuff that get debugging hard. Does not recently seem to operate
  • /mm reload (alias: /mm r) – reload the plugin
  • /mm save – Store all active mobs and spawners (compulsory)
  • /mm version – show MythicMobs versions

Item Command

  • /mm items (alias: n/mm i) – underlying for the entire items related to the commands
  • /mm items get [item_name] – hand yourself an item from the configured mob equipment
  • /mm items give –s [player][item_name] – peacefully hand the player an item from the configured mob equipment
  • /mm items list – lists off the entire configured mob equipment
  • /mm items import [filename] – transport held item to the Items folder.

Mob Commands

  • /mm mobs (alias: /mm m) – underlying for all mobs related to the commands
  • /mm mobs info [mob_name] – shows  plenty of information in terms of MythicMobs
  • /mm mobs list – show a list of mobs loaded to the server
  • /mm mobs listactive – show a list of recently spawned mobs, and the count of each.
  • /mm mobs kill [mob_name] – eliminate all MythicMobs with the supplied name
  • /mm mobs killall – eliminate all recent MythicMobs
  • /mm mobs killall –p – eliminate the entire persistent MythicMobs
  • /mm mobs spawn [mob_name]: – spawns mobs with the supplied name.
  • /mm mobs spawn –s [mob_name]: – peacefully spawns the mob in no console text
  • /mm mobs stats – shows the helpful information in terms of the count of mobs are loaded on the server.

Mob Egg Commands

  • /mm egg (alias: /mm e) –  underlying for all eggs related to the commands
  • /mm egg get [mob_name] – hand you mob eggs for the particular MythicMobs
  • /mm mobs give [player][mob_name] – hand a player mob eggs for the particular MythicMobs

Spawner Commands

  • /mm spawner (alias: /mm s) – underlying for all spawners related to the commands
  • /mm s create [spawner_name][mob name] – generate a fresh spawner at the place of the players reticule
  • /mm s set [spawner_name][setting][value] – vary a setting of the spawner
  • /mm s addcondition [spawner_name][condition][value] – insert a spawner condition which appoints if a mob should spawn once it’s timer is high.
  • /mm s removecondition [spawner_name][condition] – eliminate a spawner condition
  • /mm s [spawner_name] – supply a list of information in terms of a specified spawner
  • /mm s listnear – lists all spawners closely, inserts the distance parameter to narrow the list down
  • /mm s resettimer [name] – re-install cooldown and re-install timers for the spawner listed
  • /mm s activate [name] – enable a specified mob spawner (forces a spawn from)
  • /mm s cut [search_string] – cut a bunch of spawners following a handed string
  • /mm s paste – pastes a bunch of cut spawners in a fresh relevant place.
  • /mm s undo – undo the former cut operation and places them back where they were. This will only operate if you haven’t cut a fresh bunch of spawners

Utility Commands

  • /mm u testeffect [effect syntax] – accepts you to launch as if you were the mob. Have a similar impact syntax that you would commonly put internally your skill.
  • /mm u testskill [targetlocation] [skillname] – accept to launch a skill as if you were the mob

Signal Commands

/mm signal – used to signal mobs to turn exact skills.


MythicMobs is a complicated plugin that can get confused to start because of the amazing count of features and the resistance count of customization you could do. The initial of MythicMobs Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13 can be always used without charges. However, there is still the Premium Version which supplies plenty of features.


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