OpenInv Bukkit Plugins 1.18.2/1.16

This OpenInv Bukkit Plugins 1.18.2/1.16 can work with both online and offline users so that you can open the ender chest of any user through the command.

OpenInv Bukkit Plugins
OpenInv Bukkit Plugins

This plugin gives you the permissions to open the Inventory of any user or interact with some ender chests in real-time. This plugin support event to offline users. Furthermore, the users can be open it without the notice or sounds alongside with the Silent Container as well.

Moreover, some other beneficial features of this plugin also comprise of the capacity the amour place of the Inventories of the users with dropping some items. This will happen when you move them from its place to other unused users right from the bottom.

Main features of the OpenInv Bukkit Plugins

  • You should not give the editnv and editender to the permission nodes. This is the Read-only permission.
  • If you are an admin, you can modify the Inventory of the users or the ender chest as their preference.
  • You can be able to access from anywhere you can with no limitations, obstacles or distance.
  • The permissions are supported thanks to the creation of this OpenInv Bukkit Plugins.
  • Even for some offline users, you can open the Inventories of the users or the ender chests so that it will open immediately.
  • There is the self-opening security on this plugin.
  • The security of cross-world openiv.
  • You can use the opender and openiv command with no need of the arguments opens in some last accessed inventory or ender chests of any user.
  • For the particular items in the Inventory or the ender chest, you can be able to search all the online users from the openiv to get permission.
  • Thanks to the creation of this plugin, the users are secured by the exempt permission and bypass some protection with another override permission.
  • You can open the containers which are blocked by the ocelots or solid blocks with a feature named ‘Any Container’.
  • The highlight features are that you will open the container without making either little sounds or animations.
  • If you want to drop one or many of your items in the Inventory, you should put the unused slots from the bottom right of this plugin.


In order to install the Openilnv, you just need to plugin to the folder, and then reload or restart the server. This is a very simple step to install the OpenInv Bukkit Plugins so that it requires no special computer skill to complete. You will not anxious even if you are a beginner.


  • /openinv : this one is opened for some particular users in the Inventory.
  • /openender : This one is opened for some particular users’ ender chest.
  • /Searchnv: It listed for the users who have some specific items in their Inventory.
  • /Searchender[minAmount]: It listed for all the users who have the specific items in their ender chests.
  • /Searchenchant: It listed for all the online users who need particular enchantments.
  • /silencontainer: This is the Toggles Silent Container mode that opens for the containers silently.
  • /anycontainer: This is the Toggles AnyContainer mode which is blocked by the container bypass.


  • Openlnv.openinv: You can give permission for this in order to open it.
  • Openlnv.openself: It allows the users to open the Inventory of the command user.
  • Openlnv.editinv: It allows the users to edit the Inventories.
  • Openlnv. openender: It allows the users to open the ender chests as their preference.
  • Openlnv. editener: It allows the users to edit the ender chests.
  • It allows users to use some searchinv and searchender commands.
  • Openlnv.searchenchant: It allows the users to use this one.
  • Openlnv.exempt: It allows the users to secure the Inventory which can’t be opened.
  • Openlnv.crossworld: It allows some cross-world to open and use the openiv in this OpenInv Bukkit Plugins.
  • Openlnv.override: It allows the users to open the Inventory of any user, includes the secured ones.
  • Openlnv.anychest: It allows the users to open any chest that is blocked by a block of the top.
  • Openlnv.any.fault: It allows the users to enable the default by the Any Container.
  • Openlnv.silent: It allows the users to open the chest without making any sounds and animation.
  • Openlnv.silent.default: It allows the users to enable the default and cause the Silent Container.

In short

With this OpenInv Bukkit Plugins 1.16/1.15/1.14, you can have some more advantages so that you should not skip it.


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