ProtocolLib Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.13/1.11

ProtocolLib Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.13/1.11 has displaced over to Spigot, for the most part. Exact tasks are impossible to show with the standard Bukkit API and may ask to operate with and even adjust Minecraft directly. A popular technique is to adjust new and old packets, or insert optional packets into the stream.

ProtocolLib Bukkit Plugins
ProtocolLib Bukkit Plugins

This is extremely complex to do, nonetheless, and almost implementations will destroy once a fresh version of Minecraft has been launched, on account of obfuscation.

Significantly, disparate plugins that use this come near may hook into the similar classes, with surprising outcomes. More than often this leads plugins to break, yet it could also cause more errors.



Key administrative command

  • config: reload the configuration file
  • check: inspect for lately versions on BukkitDev
  • update: inspect for the late versions and automatically install the JAR. The server must be rebooted for this to have an impact
  • timings: take measure the count of CPU time taken by every plugin
  • listeners: show what plugins are utilizing ProtocolLib, and the packet kinds they are preventing

All of these commands ask the permission protocol.admin


Insert or eliminate a debug packet listener. This is handy for plugin authors who just desires to view once a packet is submitted, and with what content.


  • add: insert a packet listener with given packet ID
  • remove: eliminate one or each packet listener with the given packet IDs
  • names: print the name of each give packet ID\

Parameters (in order)

Connection side: either client or server

Multiple ID ranges: can be a sole packet ID such as 14 or a range from 10-15. \

Detailed: if True, print the entire packet content.


The filter system utilizes the built-in JavaScript interpreter in JVM 6 (Rhino) to expand the packet command with filtering abilities – it is now able to say that only print creatures metadata packet events (packets insert server 40) for a given creatures ID. This should be handier than being forced to collect a test plugin and reload the entire server. Notice that this feature is toggled off by default for the security causes. To toggle on it, insert ‘debug: true’ to config.yml.


One of the key goals of this plugins was to reach the highest compatibility with Minecraft. Moreover, the consequence is extremely fine; it should be re-silent against future changes.


There are also many plugins use ProtocolLib Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.13/1.11 such as DisguiseCraft, Tag API, Orebfuscator, VanishNoPacket, BkCommonLib, TabAPI, CraftBook, ChairsReloaded, ItemRenamer, Individual-Signs, Sneaky, Spy, AntiCommandTab, RandomCoords, Scavenger, Seasons, Statues and much more.


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