ServerSigns Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.9

ServerSigns Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.9 supplies the ability to link the player-dispatched and server-dispatched commands, messages, and actions with the signs and each different block in the Minecraft world. Once the player hits on the ServerSigns, the configured actions are implemented in the order and with the settings you appointed.

ServerSigns Bukkit Plugins
ServerSigns Bukkit Plugins

Key Features

  • No limit: Infinity commands every ServerSign
  • Multi-role: Appoint a diversity of actions whenever a sign is hit (even appoint disparate commands for right/left clicks)
  • Messages: Submit messages to the player
  • Broadcasts: Submit messages to the entire server
  • Player commands: Implements commands as if the player typed in chat
  • Server commands: Implement commands as it was implemented from the server console
  • Delayed actions: Any action can be canceled (from the seconds to the months)
  • Looped actions: Any ServerSign can be transformed to loop server commands  with appointed intervals
  • Require permissions: ServerSign can be installed to ask permissions to apply
  • Grant permissions: give the players short-time permissions to implement the commands
  • Per-sign costs: Link exp, money, and item costs to ServerSigns
  • Protected: Auto-protection each ServerSign and any enclosed blocks
  • Basic scripting: Execute if/else and rollback statements in commands on ServerSigns

Note: version 2.6 and upper will inform you once a ServerSigns developer take part in, this is so that you have to realize that who we are when we take part in, and we could assist you with any problems you could get with ServerSigns as fast as possible. Version 4.1 and upper will also submit the developer a message stating the recent plugin version

This plugin uses an automatic update feature that will inspect for the newest ServerSigns construct an automatic download that constructs if it is later that the recently installed one. This can be turned offsetting ‘check_for_updates’ to ‘false’ in the config.yml

This plugin utilizes Metrics to gain basic non-classifiable statistical data such as the count of ServerSigns you are applying your plugin version, and different standard data.

ServerSign Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.9 can be applied for various versions of Minecraft.


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