Skript Bukkit Plugins 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.5.2

Skript Bukkit Plugins 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.5.2 accepts you to customize your Minecraft’s mechanics with simple script by English. You could make complicated custom commands, ignite that have impacts under exact condition, and scripts just operate in a short-time – all with no basic knowledge in terms of programming. The language supplies the benefit that you don’t need to gain the knowledge about how to use Skript.

Skript Bukkit Plugins
Skript Bukkit Plugins


Natural syntax

  • Like what you have known about writing script is not too hard. You could write the most common English sentences and Script will try to explain them. If Skript cannot understand anything, please inspect your spelling and have a look at more documents to figure out the way to write your sentence to make it senses.

Custom Commands

  • Skript can be applied to appoint custom commands. These commands can utilize Skript’s syntax which accepts to create exclusively user-friendly commands, such as one of the strongest /item commands available, and any different commands you or others can get the ideas. Moreover, Skript also possesses a setting to make efforts to explain all unclear commands as effects. This fundamentally accepts to apply any effects that you can place into the triggers as a command.

Inventory Menus

  • Using SkQuery (An add-on for this plugin), you could make dynamic inventory menus seen in plenty of common plugins. Do you desire some items to show that will do disparate things such as warps and console commands? This gets the task easily. Slots can be formatted for no purpose, boot a console command and close the menu, or even boot a console command and hold the menu open (Handy for dynamic updating menus that vary depended on option)

Chat Formatting/ JSON Capability

  • One more time, using SkQuery (An add-on for this plugin), you could entirely customize how your chat looks likes from prefix to suffix to player’s name to the real message.
  • Moreover, you could insert JSON formatting to chat in-game. Obviously, you will be able to mark a player’s name and show a place, a rank, or a particular class they have chosen. You could also click someone name and act on (such as ban, mute, kick, message) inventory menu to show.

Independent Scripts

  • Triggers can be loaded into multi-file, and every file has behaved independently. This means that you could simply utilize triggers created by other users by copy and paste their file into the scripts directory. Scripts are as small as plugins for Skript with the benefit of the ability to adjust them easily.

Item and Block Aliases

  • Aliases supports to create the config more user-friendly by utilizing whole names for items and blocks, Additionally, Aliases help the data worth ranges and can even contain various kinds. You could simply appoint your own alias and it offers plenty of helpful predefined aliases in the key config.

Error Handling

  • Skript automatically loads errors in the scripts to the console, for example, it could not understand a line of a trigger. It will not stop the operation, yet simply ignore the invalid parts of the scripts, be it an entire trigger or just a simple trigger. This could cause some unpredictable treatment, thus continuously check for the bugs in the console after you have varied something.

Automatic Update

  • Skript can find out new versions and update itself, by a command /skript update or automatically when the server boots. You could toggle the automatic check on or off, config-if to inspect for update only, and select if to install them alongside in the config file. If a new version is figured, all players with permissions ‘skript.admin’ will receive the notification of the new version.

As simple or as complex as you desire to go

  • Do you desire to make a message that shows after the player signs in? 2 lines have been done in flash. Do you desire to make an extremely custom, particular experience that will surprise your users? It is more complicated, yet it’s all deserved it to view your users brushed away by the customizability of your making.
  • View user complains that something does not operate precisely. Repair the code, reload the skript (without rebooting the server), and view them be so chaotic as how it was already repaired.


  • Java developers team can insert their own conditions, impacts, and variables using the supplies API
  • Plenty of users have finished add-ons and these add-ons have devoted immense count of conditions, expressions, and triggers. Some supply you approach to items in the item frames, some allow you to make scoreboards, and some even allow you to submit resource packs to the player.


Skript Bukkit Plugins 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.5.2 has been planned to insert more features in the future to improve the experience of the player while playing Minecraft. Bear in your mind that if you have installed it for the first time, start and stop your server one time to create the configs files and some instance script.


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