Structure Gel API Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2/1.14.4

Structure Gel API Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2/1.14.4 created to crafting structures smoother on the developers, especially ones applying the jigsaw system. All code is an open resource.

Structure Gel API
Structure Gel API


These are some features that mod supplies

Structures Gel Block

  • This block is an amazing tool to full-fill the internal side of the structures smoothly. The gel is changed by air when your structure creates whilst all air is skipped when being changed. This assures that your structures will not contain the natural topography where it should not be. The gel block treat the same to the structure disables in that you could come through it, whilst really being visible.
  • Upon putting gel whereas sneaking, you could ignite the expanding mechanic. Every gel extents disparately can you could read how they operate by hanging over the items. There are some gels blocks below: Red Gel, Blue Gel, Green Gel, cyan Gel, Orange Gel, and Yellow Gel.

Removing Gels

Gels can be eliminated by utilizing the gunpowder on it. Implementing this will enable a chain reaction, deleting all linked gels of similar kinds.


  • There will be an example of how it could be utilized in construction. If the structure was added into the game, the internal gel would be changed by air, whilst the external air would not be replaced.
  • The code for this block is written in a method so that you could smoothly expand it and added into its treatment with ways in blocks. Structure Gel, if you need treatment, it was not ready.


  • Some genres are not easy to access commonly. Utilizing the command access_helper.EntityAccessHelper or access_helper.TileEntityAccessHelper will accept you to be versatile with loot tables and the spawners of the monster.
  • Using the command access_helper.JigsawAccessHelper will accept you to insert/delete structure to/from a current jigsaw pool. By this feature, you could carry out something such as inserting optional houses into the village. Also, you could make use of this to let your structure create a natural appearance depend on topography under it, similarly to villages.
  • With access_helper.StructureAccessHelper, you could stop lakes from creating internally your structure. All structures designed taking advantage of Gel Structure or its product classes will immediately be guarded from lakes. Vanilla superficies structures such as woodland villas are also assured, even though this may be turned off in the config.

Registry Utilities

  • Some registry shortcuts have been inserted to manage the backend of structure enrolling. Applying the command util.RegistryHelper class will accept your structure enrolling place to not require replacements between version updates, if considerable replacements are not created by Mojang studio. Any replacements required to be created on your end will be noted.
  • Moreover, the RegistryHelper possesses shortcuts to place your structure into the biomes with the addFeature and addStructure ways. Using this will accept your code to not require replacements between versions, if something main do not change, since the API will manage all of the backend work.


The ConfigTemplates class consists of two diverse templates to accept your structure to possess configurable distancing ability, and even which biomes it should/ should not create in. Enroll these templates in the config file similar to what you will do any other config choice.

Jigsaw System 

The JigsawRegistryHelper and JigsawPoolBuilder considerably curtail the work needed to enroll a structure. The instance below, replacing the vanilla code for a delta village town central to this system has a half character decreasing.


  • The structures.jigsaw.JigsawRegistryHelper is utilized to enroll a structure pool to the jigsaw registry. When enrolling a pool, utilize the pool’s name, the pool it should make efforts to create if it is not successful to put, the pool it will make efforts to put “(a List>)”. At least, you have to write a name for it and pool to create, since the left utilizes pre-locate defaults. The defaultpool if it is not successful, this is immediately set to “Minecraft:empty” and the changes treatment is laid too hard.
  • Upon generated, you could write it the id of your mods alongside a pre-fix to utilize. These worth are to use to decrease asked writing and stop writing errors. Because “village/plains/” will be normal for all pools in this enrolling place, the author has set that as the pre-fix. The example below, the pool written on line 77 will be called “Minecraft:village/plains/town_centers” by mixing the mod id, prefix, and string through in. if you put in a ResourceLocation rather than a String, the mod id and prefix will not be applied.
  • Appling the setPrefix() or setModID way will generate a fresh example of the register helper with the prefix or mod id that you have established. This can be realized with the zombie distortions changes in the town center.
  • Applying builder() way will offer you a JigsawPoolBuilder that utilize the mod id and prefix of the registry assistant. This is expounded in detail in the following section.


  • The structures.jigsaw.JigsawPoolBuilder is applied to insert different shortcuts to generating structure pools considered as a List>. Applying this builder class, you could make multiple various JigsawPieces with shared installing between them, because of objecting to re-writing those installing for each piece.
  • A builder is generated from the JigsawRegistryHelper, “registry”. The builder will possess two pieces, both of them  have a weight of 50, and apply cobbleToMossy20 microprocessor that changes 20% of cobblestone to its mossy distortion
  • The choices for the builder are as below

Weight (int): Install the weight of pieces came through in with names (). For code performance, use this before installing names.

names(Map), namesR(Map), name(Collection), namesR(Collection), names(String…), namesR(ResourceLocation…): The map choices will utilize the Integer genre since the weight of the piece. All others will be supposed the weight to be 1 or the worth set with weight (). Utilizing Strings will accept the modid and prefix from the JigsawRegistryHelper that generated it to be gotten into account, whilst ResourceLocation skip them.

Processors (StructureProcessor…), processors(List): These are the StructureProcessors that each piece set in name() will utilize to appoint placement settings. This functions, inserting the current processors in a builder. There are different processors in the API for uncomplicated block swaps that you could realize between lines 57 and 75.

maintainWater(boolean): upon your structure is put in the water, should waterloggable become waterlogged, by default.

placementBehavior( JigsawPattern.PlacementBehavior): Install the placement behavior of the pieces in this pool. Actually, it is better for you than carrying out in the JigsawRegistryHelper. Hard by default. The JigsawPoolBuilder.collect() way displayed on line 77 accepts multi JigsawPoolBuilders to be collected into the one pool, keeping up the private weights and settings for each piece.

  • Applying clone() on a current JigsawPoolBuilder will generate a fresh example of the builder. This can be applied to more save on writing for various pools that all utilize the similar settings by generating a pool that only consists of the processors required for different pools, and next, setting the names on copies. Let’s think about it as a parent/child system.
  • The last way applied in a JigsawPoolBuilder will be .build(). This just gets the settings you brought it and collects a List>  that the jigsaw registry can apply.


structure.jigsaw.GelJigsawPiece is an expansion of the Vanilla SingleJigsawPiece that accepts addition with structure gel blocks, includes accessors for installing how it should treat in water, and accepts for data structure blocks to be applied within jigsaw structures (asks GelStructurePiece)


structure.jigsaw.GelstructurePiece is an expansion of the Vanilla AbstractVillagePiece that includes accessors to obtain the information in terms of your structure, shortcuts for some processes such as generating creatures, and the possibility to apply data structure blocks within your jigsaw structures (asks GelJigsawPiece).

Here are all the commands and the usage of the mod Structure Gel API Mod. We all hope that these will be helpful for players of Minecraft.


How to install Structure Gel API Mod

  • You have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  • Locate the Minecraft application folder.
  • On windows open Run from the start menu > type %appdata% > click Run.
  • On mac open finder, hold down ALT > click Go then Library in the top menu bar.
  • Open the folder Application Support > look for Minecraft.
  • Place the mod you have just Structure Gel API Mod downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  • When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the Structure Gel API Mod is installed.

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