TrollBoss Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13

TrollBoss Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13 is the earliest plugin that is necessary for you to troll/penalize your users or friends. You will get more or less 50 commands, a Troll-GUI, statistics for your troll-treatment and you could even vary the language in-game. There are several particular commands you may have never experienced before.

TrollBoss Bukkit Plugins
TrollBoss Bukkit Plugins


  • Plenty of commands
  • Permissions for each troll-command
  • Troll-GUI, to smoothly troll users
  • 2 languages including German and English, and you could even vary the language with a command in-game.
  • Commands with a delay that you are allowed to decide on your own how long something should occur
  • Bypass permission
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Troll statistics. You are allowed to inspect how many times you applied each command
  • Automatically update features

Commands and Permissions

(Command – Permission – Function)

  • None – troll.* – permissions for all permissions
  • None – troll.badapple.bypass – if you get this permission, you will not die once you eat a bad apple
  • None – troll.bypass – if you get this permission, it is impossible to troll you
  • /troll – troll.troll – key command of this plugin/ run the Troll-GUI
  • /troll help [page] – troll.trollhelp – display the entire command
  • /trolltutorial – troll.tutorial – boot the troll tutorial
  • /burn [player] – troll.burn – to burn yourself or different player
  • /freeze [player] – troll.freeze – the player will obtain potion impacts (slowness, blindness…)
  • /bolt [player] – troll.bolt – hit a lightning at the player
  • /special – troll.special, troll.ak47, troll.blockshooter – to obtain an AK-47 which hits arrows and snowballs | to obtain an item which hits blocks. if a player is close a block, he will be attacked. Block will vanish after several seconds to not to lead to lag
  • /fakeop – troll.fakeop – to forge op someone
  • /fakedeop – troll.fakedeop – to forge deop someone
  • /launch [player] – troll.launch – to launch a player (33 blocks)
  • /spam [player] – troll.spam – to spam a player message
  • /trollkick [player] – troll.trollkick – to troll kick someone (particular kick chat on the MC screen)
  • /badapple [player] – troll.badapple – to insert an apple to a player’s inventory that will be harmful for him and make him die fi he eats it
  • /boom [player] – troll.boom – to make an explosion at the player’s position
  • /push [player] – troll.push – push a player
  • /gokill [player][delay] – troll.gokill – to murder the player [target] in [delay] seconds entirely auto
  • /switch [player][player] – troll.switch – to convert the places from 2 players
  • /denymove [player][delay] – troll.denymove – to refuse a player to displace for [deplay] seconds
  • /potatotroll [player] – troll.potatotroll – alter each item in a player’s inventory to a potato
  • /trap [player][delay] – troll.trap – to snare a player between glass blocks (the former blocks at the places will be reset)
  • /tptroll [player] – troll.tptroll – to obtain an item which hits snowballs and if they attack a player, he will be teleported to you immediately
  • /infect [player][delay] – troll.infect – to insert several bad selection effects to [player] for [delay] seconds
  • /herobrine [player] – troll.herobrine – to be herobrine, if you apply this command twice, you will become a regular player again
  • /fakerestart [time] – troll.fakerestart – to forge reboot server and kick each different player
  • /turn [player] – troll.turn – to rotate a player by 180 degrees
  • /starve [player][amount] – troll.starve – to hunger a player slowly, one starving keeps 1.25 seconds as often as [amount]
  • /hurt [player][amount] – troll.hurt – to harm a player slowly, one live keeps 1.25 seconds as often as [amount]
  • /void [player] – troll.void – to displace blocks under a player until he dies in void
  • /pumpkinhead [player] – troll.pumpkinhead – to vary the head of the player to a pumpkin
  • /bury [player][time] – troll.bury – to inhume a player for [time] seconds
  • /nomine [player][time] – troll.nomine – to intercept a player from destroying blocks for [time] seconds
  • /randomtp [player][count] – troll.randomtp – to teleport a player [count] times incidentally
  • /crash [player] – troll.crash –  remove a player from the server with a long java bug message
  • /freefall [player][high] – troll.freefall – to allow the player to be free-falling from an exact high
  • /webtrp [player][time] – troll.webtrap – to snare a player in a cobweb
  • /spank [player] – troll.spank – to spank a player
  • /trample [player][amount] – troll.trample – to allow the cows to trample on a player
  • /trolllanguage [english|german] – troll.language – to vary the language of the plugin
  • /trollop [true|false|status] – troll.settings – to appoint if operators can be trolled or not
  • /troll statistics – troll.statistics – to view some statistics in terms of your troll plugin usage
  • /stfu[player] – troll.stfu – to mute a player until you press ‘Enter’ this command again
  • /popup [player|all] – troll.popup – to run the inventory of a player
  • /sky [player][time] – – to teleport a player to the sky upon a glass platform for [time] seconds
  • /abduct [player] – troll.abduct – to kidnap a player with several impacts
  • /popular [player] – troll.popular – to displace immediately all player to the target
  • /creeper [player] – troll.creeper – to bear a creeper at the objective place. Creeper explosion will not destroy blocks
  • /sparta [player] – troll.sparta – to hit arrows from disparate places to the objective (incidental amount)
  • /trollbows – troll.trollbows – to run a GUI in which you could select between 3 various Trollbows
  • /drug [player] – troll.drug – to drug a player
  • /squidrain [player][number] – troll.squidrain – to allow the squid to rain on the player
  • /dropinv [player] – troll.dropinv – to fall all items of the player on the ground
  • /garbage [player][on|off] – garbage – each chat message of the player will be an incidental message from Garbage.Messages.yml (you could adjust them)
  • /anvil [player] – troll.anvil – to leave an anvil on a player
  • /invtext [player] – troll.invtext – to insert some interesting stuff to the player’s inventory
  • /runforrest [player][time] – troll.runforrest – maintain the player displacing for [time], if he stops displacing, he will die.
  • /border [player] – troll.border – to teleport the player to the border of the world
  • /noobs [player] – troll.noob – to noob the player
  • /randomtroll [player] – troll.randomtroll – randomly choose a troll for the objective
  • /shlong [player] – troll.shlong – particular command, just try it.


TrollBoss Bukkit Plugins 1.15/1.14/1.13 can be easily downloaded by dragging and dropping the .jar files in your plugins folder and reboot/reload/boot your server. This plugin also consists of an auto-update feature, which inspects if the new version has been released. You could turn off this feature in a config file, which is placed in the TrollBoss folder. The TrollBoss folder is put in your plugins folder. Obviously, there will be some features planned to be introduced in the features. However, with all available features, it is also worth to try.


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